A Case of Oesophagus Cancer – Under Homeopathic Treatment

Treatment of Esophagus Cancer at Welling Homeopathy
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Mr.Ismail Rathod – 58 ( name not changed but used with the permission ) came to us in 2010 with a diagnosis of esophagus cancer  since last 4 years. He had undergone two chemotherapy cycles in the past. He was apparently better till 6 months back when he started feeling difficulty in swallowing again. His son had visited us for the first consultation

In 2006, he had been to an ENT surgeon after his haemoglobin was detected in the lower range. Patient was facing difficulty in eating in swallowing since many years. Few reports were done which detected Oesophagus cancer. He underwent two chemotherapy cycles.

When he visited us he had all classical symptoms of Oesophagus Cancer.

Feels difficulty in swallowing food “ khanna utarta nahi” . When patient would eat- he had to clear his throat to get food pushed down. Appetite had gone down – eating with lot of difficulty as cant gulp.

Excessive saliva while eating
Burning sensation in the chest and throat.
Hoarseness with a need to frequently clear his throat.

Other complicated symptoms like vomiting blood or tarry dark stools were missing, which signified that the cancer had not reach a very advanced stage.

Reports done on 22- Dec- 2010:

Punch biopsy- post-cricoid: Impression says: moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, biopsy from post- cricoid region.

Ct scan: CT neck and thorax.- post cricoid and upper esophagus mass as described above with left side level –very enlarged enhancing node.

No family h/o of cancer was known.

He was non-diabetic. And no major history of any major disease known to son.

Habits:  no smoking/ no drinking- never even ate food outside the house.

Patient was a priest in masjid- he would read out quran and teach the same to his students. Patient was very extrovert, even while suffering from cancer, he would never worry over his disease. He desired cold water to feel better. Very mild in nature, never beat or shouted even his kids.

The usual key points in a Homeopathic detailed case taking were missing, as patient’s son didn’t know more about his dad and dad could not travel to our clinic.

The major part of our Homeopathic analysis was missing due to obvious reason, the lack of full case. We started our 4 step cancer therapy with whatever information we had.

The case was treated mostly with organ specific homeopathic medicines instead of classical constitutional treatment. Milk and all milk products, processed sugar and meat were strictly stopped. Protein shake was introduced in the morning. No other dietary changes were adviced

The difficulty in swallowing was better after around 6 weeks of treatment and we could meet the patient after 16 weeks of treatment. That was followed by a detailed case history and we chalked out a detailed treatment program for next 18 months. The latest report done just 2 days back shows marked regression of  squamous cell carcinoma and the enlarged nodes completely missing from the CT scan. Treatment may continue for another 18 months to prevent any recurrence. Another case of esophagus cancer relieved with Homeopathy.

( Copied of case reports, laboratory tests and other investigations before the treatment and current reports are available at the clinic for reference for the medical fraternity )

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