CUREplus Infertility Treatment Protocol

HART infertility treatment protocol from Welling Homeopathy strives to offer a better and a more positive alternative to IUI and IVF. In our experience of last few years, we have seen hundreds of patients with repeatedly failed IVF cycles from prominent IVF centers in Mumbai, getting a positive result with natural conception with Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic Medicines gently stimulates the natural processes in male and female reproduction system to help your own body correct the imbalances and repair the natural conception process. HART protocol is very effective in tackling various causes of infertility in both male and female. Compared to conventional treatments, both hormonal and artificial insemination,HART infertility Homeopathy treatment has a far better outcome percentage.

The 4 step HART Infertility Treatment includes:

  • A diagnosis and treatment program:
    This includes the pre-treatment interview, necessary tests, diagnosis, and analysis of the individual case. Discussing the same with the patient and his family. The discussion will also involve our analysis and the conclusion if  the oral medications will be sufficient or surgical assistance may be required at a future stage.
  • The nutritional & lifestyle advice forms the second most important part of the treatment. Our research spanning more than 10 years has concluded that sometimes, even few nutritional alterations can help in improving the chances of natural conception.
  • Whenever required a detailed dietary supplements are prescribed in the exact quantity as required to improve and heal the root cause of your Infertility.
  • A treatment plan designed just for you.
    In keeping with our CURE – Rapid, gentle & permanent® philosophy, Welling Homeopathy personalizes your treatment plan to address your specific needs within a fixed time period.

We encourage you to visit our clinic to discover the difference our team of doctors and specialists can make for you in planning for a complete family.

We offer out-patient infertility treatment through our clinic in Mumbai, India. We also offer infertility treatment through our specialized online platform called Online Welling.

HART treatment from Welling Homeopathy

  • The treatment is completely free of any side effects. The treatment is effective in various sperm abnormalities i.e. Low Sperm count, Low Motility, Low Semen Quantity and Abnormal Sperm Cell Morphology.
  • Results achieved are one of the fastest among all treatments. It raises sperm count gradually and usually within three months of starting the treatment marked difference can be experienced.
  • Though results may vary, we are successful in achieving a 82% success rate within a treatment period of 6 months.
  • The treatment improves the sperm count and in the process also improves that sperm quality
  • The medicines used are completely natural, free from hormone. The treatment also makes other body systems healthier.
  • Post the treatment, usually the count remains stable and does not diminish to the pre-treatment levels.
  • We have successfully helped females upto 44 yrs age and males upto 49 yrs.

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