Know why we advice our patients to stop milk intake ?

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We strictly stop all kind of milk products from the diet of our patients on Cancer Treatment. I am sure Homeopathic medicines are very potent to destroy cancer cells. But it’s known for long now, that cancer cells feast on sweets and milk that you eat and drink. To give relief to our cancer patients in the quickest possible time, we employ all possible measures that’s allowed while on Homeopathic medicines. The most important of them being control of diet in a systematic and scientific way. New research is pointing towards more harm that milk can do in cancer patients.

Recently, a Harvard researcher gave a provocative talk on the association between cancer and cow’s milk and other milk products. The scientist, Ganmaa Davaasambuu, M.D., Ph.D., a native Mongolian, noted that ingestion of natural estrogens from cows (particularly from pregnant cows) in milk may be linked to breast, prostate, and testicular cancers in humans. All are “hormone-dependent” tumors, meaning that they need sex hormones to grow.

Firstly we should know why do mammals have to be breastfed after birth ?

Mammals are intelligent creatures. And to be intelligent, one needs a large brain. But mammal-young grow inside their mother. If the mammal-young was to fully mature inside its mother, its head would be too big to pass the pelvis. The more intelligent a specie, the more the young are born too early.

Humans are the most intelligent, and relatively, human heads are the biggest. Therefore human babies can only be born far too early : after 9 instead of the 21 months one might expect from a specie this size.

The downside of being born too early is the helplessness of the baby. Human babies are most helpless for being delivered far too early. Therefore, they lack all the substances that they would have received directly from maternal blood.

To compensate this loss, the newborns are fed through mother’s milk, containing the same substances : nutrients, hormones, growth factors and other peptides. These maternal ‘messenger-substances’ activate the immune system, regulate hormone secretion and ensure an optimum growth process. Therefore, it is extremely important that every baby receives mother’s milk for at least 1½ years (the “normal” 6 months, plus ‘premature-extend’ : 21 minus 9 months).

Mothers’ Milk

Mother’s milk of all different mammals contains different ‘cocktails’ of growth factors. These growth factors enhance growth and development of different organs in suckling. Adults consuming whatever milk, always absorb those growth factors too. Cells in adults however, don’t need to multiply that fast anymore. And of course cow’s-milk-growth factors are not meant for humans.

Besides stimulating growth of normal cells, growth factors unfortunately also stimulate growth of cells that have been damaged by mutagenic substances (from prepared foods, polluted air etc.). If DNA / RNA have been damaged, this may cause cancer.

Preventing cancer is about decreasing intake of mutagenic substances (consume as little proteinous prepared foods), and about preventing absorption of growth factors other than those from human milk by the suckling. Consume as little prepared food and do not consume any kind of milk.

Some of the growth factors, hormones and peptides in human milk, cow’s milk and milk from other mammals :

– Bombazine (a neuropeptide)

– GRP (Gastrin-releasing peptide)

– Substance P (a neurotransmitter)

– CGRP (calcitonin-gene-related peptide, also a neurotransmitter)

– IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor-1)

– IGF-2

– EGF (Epidermal growth factor)

– NGF (Nerve growth factor)

– PRP (Prolactin-releasing peptide

– LHRH (or : GnRH, stimulates secretion of LH and FSH)

– Progesterone

– Peptide YY

– Peptide histidine methionine

– Neuropeptide Y (stimulating appetite)

– TRH (stimulating TSH secretion) ,TRH stimulates prolactin- and GH secretion ,through T3.

– TSH (stimulating T3- and T4 secretion)

– T3 (Tri-iodo-thyronine) T3 increases the number of estrogen receptors, increasing estrogen-influence.

– GHRF (Growth-hormone-releasing factor) GHRF stimulates GH- and (through GH) IGF-1 and –2 secretion

– ACTH (regulating cortisol secretion)

– Neurotensine

– Cortisol

– Insuline (regulating blood-glucose level)

– Beta-endorphins (opioid peptide)

– Small opioid peptides

– Benzodiazepine-agonist peptides (neurotransmitters)

Dr. Davaasambuu emphasized that natural estrogens are 100,000 times more potent than environmental estrogens and that today’s cow’s milk is particularly rich in them. The principal reason is that dairy farmers now milk their cows about 300 days per year. For much of that time the cows are pregnant, and as pregnancy progresses, the estrogen content of their milk increases. According to Dr. Davaasambuu milk from cows in the late stage of pregnancy can contain up to 33 times as much of the hormone estrogen as milk from non-pregnant cows.

Dr.Mercola mentions on his website that even the benefits of milk are not available for your body once it is pasteurized. It is essentially “dead” after pasteurization – whether you are intolerant to it or not. Pasteurization destroys valuable enzymes and beneficial bacterias, depletes the levels of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, and transforms proteins into unnatural amino acid configurations that are harmful to your health.

Non-babies Consuming Mothers’ Milk

Milk from every mammal is mother’s milk, meant for the suckling. All milk therefore contains growth factors, hormones and other peptides. The reason why every mammal stops drinking mother’s milk at a certain age, is because by then it produces all its own hormones, growth factors and other peptides. Production, secretion and level of those substances is regulated through a complex system of interaction. This system is impaired by absorbing similar substances from drugs, contraceptives etc. Logically, level of any of these substances is also influenced by absorbing similar substances from cow’s milk, goat’s milk etc., causing all kinds of diseases.

Because every human cell is susceptible to different growth factors, too much of any growth factor can cause cancer in different tissues.

Bombesine ; Milk contains both bombesine and GRP (bombesine-like peptide). Milk-bombesine-level is 3 times higher as blood-bombesine-level. GRP and bombesine enhance lung cancer ( : Small-Cell Lung Cancer ; only 7% of the patients survives the first 5 years.), breast cancer , prostate cancer , brain tumors , pancreas cancer and colon cancer.

Substance P ; Substance P (SP) increases vascular permeability and stimulates histamine secretion , causing allergic reactions. SP can enhance stomach cancer , brain tumors and Small-cell lung cancer.

EGF ; Like IGF, EGF is quite resistant against decomposing enzymes. EGF enhances breast- , prostate-, and pancreas-cancer.

IGF-and IGF-2 are quite resistant against decomposing enzymes. IGF-1 and -2 both enhance breast- , ovary- , lung- and prostate cancer.  IGF-1 also enhances colon cancer , leukemia , and pancreas cancer. IGF-2 also enhances bladder cancer.

Growth hormone (GH) ; GH enhances prostate- , breast- and pancreas-cancer , brain-tumors, bone cancer  and leukemia.

Prolactin ; To be able to breastfeed, the female body is well equipped to cope with a temporarily enlarged prolactin production. Man isn’t, and prolactin-producing tumors in men are therefore larger, more active and resistant.

Prolactin enhances breast cancer, brain tumors , prostate cancer and leukemia.

This is not a conclusive study and more study is awaited. Hence, we don’t stop milk in our regular patients, but it’s very important that all cancer patient put a stop to all the dairy products till their cancer cells are destroyed by Homeopathic cancer treatment.

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