10 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Alopecia Areata

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Specially formulated homeopathic treatment to help you recover completely and reverse any damage. Get started today to prevent more damage. Call (+91) 80 80 850 950 to book an appointment in Mumbai. Outside Mumbai, Click here for a detailed assessment.A customised Homeopathic treatment is known to completely cure alopecia areata. At Welling Clinic, we have a number of patients, that have benefitted from the treatment for Alopecia areata. Below are the most common Homeopathic medicines for Alopecia areata from our case archives, that have shown very encouraging results. These medicines for Alopecia areata have to be prescribed after a detailed case history and can only be done rightly at Welling Clinic.

Alopecia areata (AA) is a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp.Because it causes bald spots on the scalp, especially in the earlier stages, it is sometimes called spot baldness.

Alopecia areata usually begins when clumps of hair fall out, resulting in totally smooth, round hairless patches on the scalp. In some cases the hair may become thinner without noticeable patches of baldness, or it may grow and break off, leaving short stubs.

Causes of Alopecia Areata

  • Hormones, such as abnormal levels of androgens (male hormones normally produced by both men and women)
  • Genes, from both male and female parents, may influence a person’s predisposition to male or female pattern baldness.
  • Stress, illness, and childbirth can cause temporary hair loss. Ringworm caused by a fungal infection can also cause hair loss.
  • Drugs, including chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment, blood thinners, beta-adrenergic blockers used to control blood pressure, and birth control pills, can cause temporary hair loss.
  • Burns, injuries, and X-rays can cause temporary hair loss. In such cases, normal hair growth usually returns once the injury heals.
  • Autoimmune disease may cause alopecia areata. In alopecia areata, the immune system revs up for unknown reasons and affects the hair follicles. In most people with alopecia areata, the hair grows back, although it may temporarily be very fine and possibly a lighter color before normal coloration and thickness return.
  • Cosmetic procedures, such as shampooing too often, perms, bleaching, and dyeing hair can contribute to overall hair thinning by making hair weak and brittle. Tight braiding, using rollers or hot curlers, and running hair picks through tight curls can also damage and break hair. However, these procedures don’t cause baldness. In most instances hair grows back normally if the source of the problem is removed. Still, severe damage to the hair or scalp sometimes causes permanent bald patches.
  • Medical conditions. Thyroid disease, lupus, diabetes, iron deficiency, and anemia can cause hair loss, but when the underlying condition is treated the hair will return.
  • Diet. A low-protein diet or severely calorie-restricted diet can also cause temporary hair loss.

Types of Alopecia Areata

  • Diffuse alopecia areata- Hair may also be lost more diffusely over the whole scalp
  • Alopecia areata monolocularis- describes baldness in only one spot. It may occur anywhere on the head.
  • Alopecia areata multilocularis -refers to multiple areas of hair loss.
  • alopecia areata barbae- The disease may be limited only to the beard.
  • alopecia totalis- If the patient loses all the hair on the scalp
  • alopecia universalis– If all body hair, including pubic hair, is lost.

Treatment of Alopecia Areata

The course of typical alopecia areata is not predictable with a high likelihood of spontaneous remission. The longer the period of time of hair loss and the larger the area involved, the less likely the hair will regrow.

-Steroid injections, creams, and shampoos (such as clobetasol or fluocinonide ) for the scalp have been used for many years.

-Elemination of Emotional stress- No drugs or hair-care products have been associated with the onset of alopecia areata. This is the best medicine.

-Although not precisely a treatment, the cosmetic camouflage of alopecia areata is certainly an important consideration in patient management. The damaging emotional effect of significant hair loss for both women and men can be considerable.

Homeopathic medicines for Alopecia Areata

(1) Fluoric acid-

-Tendency to develop alopecia in families

– Brittle hair

– Idiopathic hair fall

– Hair falls in spots, vertex baldness

– Hair tangles easily

– Buoyant attitude towards life

– Extreme irritability and anger

– All complaints aggravated by warmth and better by cold application etc

(2) Phosphoric acid-

– Any sort of grief leading to hair fall

– Takes stress easily

– Early graying of hair (sometimes in childhood)

– Progressive thinning of hair

– Difficult comprehension of things

– Long-standing effects of mental agony and patient lives in the state of shock for long

– Extreme debility

– Craves juicy things

(3) Phosphorus-

– Patchy baldness

– Dryness of hair and scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff

– Hair fall in handfuls while combing

– Frontal baldness

– Thin physique, long fingers, high cheek bones

– Weakness with excess emotional vulnerability and impressionability

– Extremely sympathetic persons who go out-of-the-way to help others

– Hair fall after any hemorrhagic disorder

– Scurvy

– Fearful when alone

– Better in company

(4) Graphites-

– Hair fall on sides

– Patchy baldness

– Itchy, humid eruptions on scalp that emit fetid odor

– Constipation associated with hair fall

– Chilly, fat patient with tendency to develop one or the other skin problems

– Menopausal hair fall

(5) Mezereum-

– hair stick together

– fall in handfuls

– crusty eruptions on scalp leading to hair fall

– itchy scalp, dandruff

– Alopecia Areata affecting scalp leading to hair fall

– sensitive to cold air, skin rashes, eruptions, crusts below which is yellow purulent matter

(6) Sepia-

– Baldness menopausal

– Hair fall after delivery of the child with mental depression, leading to indifference later on

– Hair pains when touched because of extremely sensitive hair roots

– Irritability increased, with snappish attitude

– Pimply eruptions near the hairline on forehead

(7) Silica-

– Baldness in young people

– Hair fall in frontal and forehead region

– Early graying of hair

– Chilly with excessively sweaty cold palms

– Nervous and anxious disposition

– Mild types

– Fixed ideas, highly impressionable

(8) Natrum muriaticum-

  It is frequently prescribed in cases of hair loss especially in anemic females.

 (9) Lycopodium-

This drug is frequently prescribed for complaints of hair loss, premature baldness, premature graying of hair.Offensive secretions and violent itching are a few of its common indications. The complaints are worse from warmth and better by cold applications. 

(10) Nitricum acidum-

Its one of the commonly used drugs for hair loss.

Loss of hair from the vertex. Sensitiveness of the scalp.

Welling Homeopathic Treatment of Alopecia Areata

These are just basic indications and there are more than 150 Homeopathic medicines that can be right for you. The Welling homeopathic treatment for Alopecia Areata is customized for you so that you get long term relief and permanent cure. Our homeopathic treatment for Alopecia Areata is 100% safe and proven to be effective in most of our patients. The right homeopathic medicines for Alopecia Areata has to be choosen by a qualified and an experienced Homeopathic doctor

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