4 Step Cancer Treatment at Welling Homeopathy!

Cancer treatment has come a long way since the start of the last century. But still conventional treatment lags far behind in offering something substantial. There are continuous high profile researches being conducted every year with no concrete outcome.

Today, I would like to write about the Cancer Treatment Protocol we follow at Welling Homeopathy Clinic. It consists of a system, we have formulated after studying various successful & natural anti-cancer treatments around the world and taking only that part from them, which we feel will be most effective in complete cure of Cancer.

We have observed very positive outcome in our clinic following this anti-cancer treatment protocol.

4 Step Cancer Treatment – The Protocol.

The Cancer treatment protocol can be broken down into the four basic components: diet, supplements, Homeopathic constitutional medicine & Homeopathy organ specific medicine.

I – Diet: The prescribed diets are quite variable, and can vary from high protein diet to high fat, high carbohydrate diet. We have done an extensive research into metabolic typing and hence able to prescribe a customized diet plan to each individual. We divide patients into different metabolic categories, depending on each patient’s particular genetic, biochemical and physiological make-up. We use diets specifically because of the effect of food on the autonomic nervous system. This system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches and ultimately controls all aspects of our physiology, including immune function, cardiovascular activity, endocrine function and the entire action of our digestive system. The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems have opposing actions on the target organs and so can adjust our physiology depending on needs and demands, enabling our bodies to react to any situation, condition or stress. We have found that specific nutrients and foods have specific, precise and predictable effects on the autonomic nervous system.

Each patient receives individualized dietary recommendations.

II – Supplements: Like the diet, the supplements prescribed are individualized for each patient, depending on the organ involved and biochemical makeup. The prescribed supplements include only those specific vitamins, minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidants that will be effective in the particular cancer we are treating.

III – Homeopathic Constitutional Medicine: It’s the main part of the cancer treatment protocol, which is arrived at after a detailed interview for a 360 degree understanding of the present health condition and past health history which is further analyzed through our unique CUREplus treatment protocol.

IV – Homeopathy Organ Specific Medicine: This is a supporting Homeopathic medicine, specific to the organ affected by cancer. This medicine helps in further detoxification and elimination. But this medicine is not required in all the patients but only in highly progressed cancers in patients with very low vitality.

This is an on-going research for anti – cancer treatment initiated at Welling Healthcare Private Limited.

We welcome other doctors from around the world to collaborate and contribute in this cancer treatment research.

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