Infertility Treatment at Welling Homeopathy Clinic.

More than two years ago, we launched the premium Welling Homeopathy Clinic, under the aegis of  Welling Healthcare Private Limited. At Welling Homeopathy, we leverage our deep understanding of evolving health issues & lifestyle changes, blending them with the experiences from hundreds of Homeopathic practitioners across the globe. We developed CUREplus TM, a treatment protocol for standardization and for a consistently positive outcome of our Homeopathic treatment in various complex illnesses.

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For the last eight years, the directors at Welling Homeopathy have been working over making Homeopathic infertility treatment more effective. Over the discussion we had with various other doctors, we noticed that there are various quacks who charge exorbitantly high for Infertility treatment. Most of the time these infertility treatments are either completely ineffective or very slow in its outcome. The couple, which is already desperate after waiting for many years for a baby, is ready to try any thing the doctor or quack might suggest.

According to a research published on, fertility is not improved in infertile couples who have been treated with long-established medical interventions for infertility treatment.

The research team compared two popular conventional modes of management of Infertility, including intra-uterine insemination (IUI) of sperm with those that were delivered no treatment. The result was just 6% difference in outcome.

CUREplus Infertility treatment at Welling Homeopathy

We have developed CUREplus Infertility treatment protocol, a scientific, tried and tested infertility treatment over the last few years for a speedy outcome. Though the protocol uses the Homeopathic molecular medicines and traditional methods of prescription, we have made few fundamental changes to make the treatment speedy and results more consistent.

It has been our continuous endeavor to offer the best Homeopathic treatment to our patients through our handpicked Homeopathic Consultants and trained according to our stringent quality and treatment standards.

Homeopathy uses non-toxic & highly diluted natural substances. Our CUREplusTM treatment protocol helps us in designing customized treatment for you, thus stimulating the body to produce a healing response that brings back balance at every level mental, emotional and physical.

CUREplus Infertility treatment protocol is available exclusively through Welling Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai.

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    i’m also a azoospermia patient. i think my cause is due to pititury galnd is not producing sperm. (sorry for spelling). did you face any patient like me. and also
    do you have any recommendation

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