2 thoughts on “Do We Need Specializations in Homeopathy?”

  1. Hello,
    Yes it is true, as you mentioned that Homeopaths are generalist and young homeopaths are scared to loose patients to other physician if they are specialist in a particular illnesses. Even i m young homeopath and i have the same feeling too. But in future after few more years of homeopathic practice I would like to go for specialization because that makes you to concentrate more on a particular illness especially if that illness is severe and life-threatening like cancer.
    I always look more into specialization and hope i can achieve that.

    Dr. Sheetal

    1. dr. abhishek s. wairkar

      I am totally agree with you. With specialization in homeopathic practice we can become more efficient both in diagnosis and prescribing. I have started my practice as general homeopath but has interest in few conditions like headaches, psoriasis, immune disorders and i frequently treat patients with these problems. I put some extra effort in reading about those problems from different books and with 2years of my clinical practice i find myself in better position to treat patients with these conditions then earlier.
      thank you
      regards from dr. abhishek s. wairkar

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