In Good Health – A newsletter dedicated to your health

At Welling Homeopathy, its our continuous endeavor to educate our patients in particular and the society in general. We go to the maximum extent to make our patients healthy and see to it that they remain so in the future. We believe health education can help our patients in preventing many of the diseases.

Continuing with the same endeavor, we have introduced our in-house newsletter “In Good Health” .  March issue is our first issue. All our  patients will get the paper copy of this newsletter free every month. Also our website visitors can register on this site and get a soft-copy delivered free to their inbox.

Homeopathic consultants who would like to be a part of our research & editorial team can contact us at

To download the first issue, right click on the issue icon below and click on ‘ Save link as’. To read it on your screen, left click on the issue icon.

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